Sri Lanka launched their first ever electric car, ‘Moksha.’

Sri Lanka is suffering from a fuel crisis that occurred through the dollar crisis. So, the ideal motors company introduced a perfect solution for both the fuel and dollar crisis of Sri Lanka. So, let’s see more about that solution named ‘Moksha.’ and its features as an electric car. What are the features of Moksha? […]

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Ja ela

Places to visit in the attractive city Ja Ela, Sri Lanka

When you hope to travel somewhere, easy accessibility to the nearest cities and attractions is a considerable fact. Here, Ja Ela would be the best option to stay during your trip to western Sri Lanka. It’s easy to get from Ja Ela to Bandaranaike Airport, Gampaha and the capital city, Colombo. Along with that, Ja […]

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Travel destinations closer to Ganemulla, Sri lanka

Sri Lanka is one of the most popular travel destinations for worldwide travelers. However, there are many uncovered destinations on that tiny Island to discover as a traveler. So,Ganemulla city is also surrounded by many attractions. Let’s discover them. The location and accommodations Ganemulla city is located in the western province of Sri Lanka. The […]

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Places to visit as a traveler in Yakkala, Sri Lanka.

Yakkala is an unpopular travel destination among travelers who visit Sri Lanka. However, there are many fabulous attractions closer to Yakkala city as well. Let’s continue to have a brief idea. Where is Yakkala city located? Yakkala is a sub-city located in the Gampaha district of Sri Lanka. It’s easy to get from Bandaranaike Airport […]

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