Best attractions closer to Wewaldeniya, Sri Lanka


Wewaldeniya, Sri Lanka – Top attractions to visit around.

It is located among the Sabaragamu and western province borders of Sri Lanka. There are many attractions around that city to visit as a traveller.

Wewaldeniya is a popular travel destination among local and international travellers. The best attraction of Wewaldeniya is its traditional handicraft designs. These handicrafts are unique to this area. Along with that, there are many travel destinations around the city. Let’s discover them, and let’s see how to get there.

How to get from Colombo and BIA to Wewaldeniya?

Bandaranaike International Airport (BIA) Katunayake is the main international airport of Sri lanka. Most of the time, it would be your arrival airport when you visit Sri Lanka. If you hope to visit there directly from Katunayake airport, it will take 1 h and 12 min to get there. The distance between the airport and the city is 43 km. You can easily pick up a taxi from the airport terminal for the journey.

The distance from Colombo to Weweldeniya is 57km. It takes 1 h and 23 min for the total journey. In reason of Wewaldeniya is slightly far away from the capital, its accommodation fees are cheaper. So, you can have suitable and affordable accommodation from there as you wish.  

Top attractions

There are many travel destinations around Wewaldeniya city. Ancient cave temples, waterfalls, rock hills and national parks are some types of destinations around the city. You can reach most of the travel destinations within a few minutes. As mentioned above, traditional handicraft designs are the best thing to experience there. Don’t forget to buy one as a memory of your Sri Lankan tour.

Unudeniya Ella waterfall and Manella waterfall are very close to this area. Those can be mentioned as two of the few waterfalls closer to Colombo. Then you can have a hiking experience too around Wewaldeniya. Naagalla rock hill will provide the best environment for that. Horagolla national park would be a fine place to visit if you are an eco-tourist. Finally, don’t forget to visit Kela Dambulla Rajamaha Viharaya Buddhist temple and Dorawaka rock cave to see the ancient Buddhist culture of Sri Lanka.

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