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Having a bicycle has become a new normal in Sri Lanka. Citizens, from kids to elders, use bicycles in Sri Lanka for their daily rides.

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Most Popular types of Bicycles in Sri Lanka

There are five types of bicycles which are very popular among Sri Lankans. These are Road, Mountain, Fixed gear, Cyclocross, and electric bicycles. Especially, road bikes have been prevalent among Sri Lankans for hundreds of years.

Road Bicycle

bicycle in sri lank - Road bicycle

Road bikes are easy to spot because they have narrow tires and handlebars that drop or turn down. In addition, the down-curving handlebars are usually very light and help you get into a position that is good for aerodynamics.

Mountain Bicycle

bicycle in sri lank - Mountain Bicycle

Mountain bicycle have excellent brakes and shock-absorbing parts to easily handle bumps, rocks, dirt trails, roots, and ruts. Furthermore, these bikes are designed to handle steeper terrain, which is why most have lower gears than most road bikes. You can read more details about mountain bicycle in Sri lanka from here.

Fixed Gear or Track Bicycle

Fixed gear bicycle

Fixed Gear or Track bikes, which are often called “fixies,” are mostly used by racers and athletes who are preparing for professional races. We can see these bikes during the April New year season.

Cyclocross Bicycle

cyclocross Bicycle

Cyclocross bikes are primarily made to be raced around dirt trails with various barriers and obstacles positioned at irregular intervals. These obstacles are there so that the cyclist or rider must stop mid-cycle and carry the bicycle for a variety of short time durations.

In addition, Sri Lankans Use Electric bikes as well. These bikes have a rechargeable electric motor. Along that, many other bike types have their electric versions too. 

Besides, There are few other bike variants which are not widely popular among Sri Lankans. These are touring bikes, Folding bikes, recumbent bikes, BMX, cruisers and Hybrid bikes. 

Consider your usage of a bicycle before purchase.

Different people use bikes for many reasons. Someone for going shopping around the city, someone for going to work, someone wants a bike for carrying a load for their small business. The first thing you have to consider when buying a bicycle is your usage. When looking for a bicycle in Sri Lanka, you have to consider the roads you will ride because the tyres and features of the cycle must fit the road conditions.

Affordability of a bicycle in Sri Lanka

Because of the vast demand for bicycles, their price increased rapidly within a few weeks. However, you still have a chance to have a quality and affordable bicycle in Sri Lanka. To get rid of the black market prices of retailers, you can visit trusted websites like to place an instant order on your value. There are many bike options to choose from as you wish there.

The type of bicycle matters.

It’s good to consider which bike type is fit for you. When you purchase a bike, it becomes an investment for your life, health and sometimes for your business works. Besides, at the beginning of the explanation, we discussed the most popular bike variates in Sri Lanka and their specific features. So, You can go through it to make a wise investment on your bicycle in Sri Lanka. Now a days people are trying to buy electric cars too. Moksha is the new electric car launched in Sri Lanka recently.

Most of us had left our bicycles in our backyards for a long time. And someone never had thought of having a bicycle for everyday rides. But now, it’s time to think about it and purchase a bicycle. So, let’s go through what to consider when picking out a bicycle in Sri Lanka.

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