Daru Nalavili Gee


Do you know the bond between the mother and child is one of the strongest connections in nature? So, when the love of mother converts into a soft rhythm, the baby will have a peaceful sleep. Especially Sri Lankan mothers, when they sing Daru Nalavili Gee, they are using their soft rhyme and tones with the nice words which describes the beauty of nature. By hearing that, the baby will get use to entertain the beauty of nature since her/his childhood. The researchers have found that it will be months before they talk, walk or even sit up, but at just a day old, babies have a strong sense of rhythm and new-borns are sensitive to pitch and melody. Therefore, if you have a new-borns, try to sing Daru Nalavili Gee as much as possible.

Importance of Singing Daru Nalavili Gee

And do you know that one of the most highly developed abilities in the newborn infant is responding to sound? Therefore, it is essential for children to be musically nurtured from birth. Do you know how much this daru nalavili gee is taken as an important thing? Some hospitals in the world are playing recorded music to infants and some are piping this lullaby music into rooms where mothers are feeding their babies. Actually if the mother is singing these songs while cuddling the baby in her arms, that will give a comfort to sleep the baby. Modern researches are found that these songs bring a sense of calmness and security to the sensitive infant. Some modern mothers are used to play some music to sleep their babies instead of singing themselves. But actually it is not the quality of the voice that matters. Mothers should sing, because the connection between mother and baby at that moment is so important. And if you will sing songs continuously, you can see that your baby often seems to respond directly to the singer by cooing and babbling. Actually it encourages the development of speech and singing of your baby. 

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