Ella Rock


Ella is one of most popular and attractive tourist destinations in Sri Lanka. Due to its’ bio diversity, it is the great base for tourists who want to explore the hills and enjoy the breath-taking views of green valleys. There are many things to see in Ella area. But among them, Ella Rock is one of main things that every traveller should explore. 

This Ella Rock offers the panoramic views of the Ella Gap and Little Adam’s Peak. And the hike to this rock is an arduous upward climb. And it is important to have some guidance to hike this, before you start your journey. Otherwise, you may lose yourselves among tea estates, hills, and tall shrubs. Usually Ella is quite humid with moderate air temperature. 

Ella Rock Adventure – More

As mentioned above, the Ella rock offers stunning views across the hill country, and the plains below. We are recommending that you should start your journey at early morning. And the trek to Ella Rock is about 8 km long and is quite easy if you follow the track. Majority of travellers start their trek from Ella Railway Station. But if you will start it from Kithal Ella Station, then you can save your time about half an hour or more. 

So, keep walking towards Kithal Ella station. When you pass the Kithal Ella Railway Station, you will meet a left turning with a bench. But don’t turn from there. Ignore it and go towards until you meet the 02nd left turning. Turn from there and cross the bridge over the river. After that, take the path going upwards. Here you should not turn to either left or right sides. Then you will see faint blue arrows pointing the right way. From here onwards, you will walk through some very large high bushy plants. 

Note: Especially after it’s been raining, there is high population of leeches in this Ella area. Therefore, you should avoid to trek with sandals or flip-flops. And don’t forget to bring some lime with you. Once a leach hangs on your body, put a drop on the leech. Then leech will leave you quickly without drinking your blood. 

However, Ella Rock is one of best attractions in Ella, Sri Lanka. It is good for hiking and Trekking. Discover the bio diversity of Ella area.

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