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As ladies, we love to wear various types of dresses. And most of us love to have customized dresses. But unfortunately, with this busy lifestyles, we have to buy ready-made clothes today. And majority of young ladies are not knowing how to sew a dress. Therefore, today we thought to share the basic steps of sewing a frock. So find out Gaum Mosthara to learn the steps of sewing your favourite styles according to your own measurements and to your desires. 

There are various types of styles in sewing a dress. Among them “A Line” dress is one of popular styles and it suits almost everybody. Therefore, we thought to share the steps of sewing a “A Line” dress.

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When we are saying Gaum Mosthara, you can recall different types of styles. But all those styles are not suitable for every lady. But “A Line” dress is suitable to any aged lady. Here we are going to share half sleeved A Line dress. But you can alter the style to make it suit your body shape. Such as adding a puffy sleeve, long sleeves or make it knee length and so on. 

  1. By the center, fold 02 pieces of fabric. Here you should keep in mind that length should be equal to length of dress you want +2″ and width equalling your hip round for a good flare, for each of the fabric.

Here you have to make your patterns as below.

If you follow the pattern, then this is the back piece which is cut on both the pieces

After that, you should remove one of the pieces and mark the front armhole and the neckline on the remaining piece.

  1. Then you can join the shoulder seams of front and back bodice with a 1/2 inch seam allowance
  2. Finally, you can finish the neckline with a simple facing or make piping. 

See, it’s not a big difficult thing. If you have patient and if you are creative, you can make beautiful dresses. Stay tuned with Gaum Mosthara to grab another beautiful dress designs. 

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