Ja ela

Places to visit in the attractive city Ja Ela, Sri Lanka

Ja ela

When you hope to travel somewhere, easy accessibility to the nearest cities and attractions is a considerable fact. Here, Ja Ela would be the best option to stay during your trip to western Sri Lanka. It’s easy to get from Ja Ela to Bandaranaike Airport, Gampaha and the capital city, Colombo. Along with that, Ja Ela is rich with some unique attractions as well.

How to get there, and what about accommodations?

As mentioned above, it’s easy to access Airport, Colombo and Gampaha from Ja Ela city. There is only 17km from Bandaranaike Airport to Ja Ela. It will take only 25 minutes. You can reach both Colombo and Gampaha cities within 30 minutes and get through Expressway. You can pick up a local taxi, bus or train to travel around. 

When talking about accommodations, Ja Ela would be a wise option. You can access many western cities and attractions easily from there. There are many villas, guest houses, and star hotels to choose depending on your interest. You can visit sites like booking.com or tripadviser.com to search and book suitable accommodation.

What do you have to see in Ja Ela city?

Top attractions in the city area are the K-zone shopping mall, Guruge theme park and Kandane mountain forest. K-Zone is an awesome place to have a Sri Lankan Shopping mall experience and more experiences such as VR, 4D cinema, and virtual games. The place has been trendy among locals for a long time. You can reach K-Zone within a few minutes by a local taxi service. 

Another popular attraction in the city is the Guruge theme park. It is the first ever theme park built in Sri Lanka. You can have a modern and ancient Sri Lankan experience there for a cheap ticket price. Also, don’t forget to visit the Kandane mountain peak. It may be the only place to have a mountain experience closer to the western coast of Sri Lanka.

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