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Kohila Kanda


“Kanda” (porridge) is one of famous Sri Lankan Food items since the early days. “Kola Kanda” is a best nutritious food that you can add to your diet. It is a traditional Sri Lankan food made up of green leaves which is used as nutritious wholesome morning meal. Not only that, but also it is good remedy for some diseases. However, there are various types of Kola Kanda in our country. And each one has significant benefits that we can take. Actually these kola kanda helps mankind to keep healthy and to gain long life.

Today, let’s learn how to make “Kohila Kanda”. If you are a hot tempered girl or if you have anyone in your family who is hot tempered, then this “Kohila Kola Kanda” will be a good remedy. Kohila tends to be cooling. The leaves contain calcium, vitamin C and lots of fibres. Kohila reduces unnecessary toxins in the intestines and is effective for other disorders in the intestines also.

Ingredients for Kohila Kanda:

Cleaned Kohila Yam – 250g

Rice (Niwudu Kakulu) – 150g

Fresh grated coconut

Garlic – 2pcs

Onion-4 pcs

Curry Leaves



How to make:

Slice the Kohila yam into small pieces and add the grated coconut and curry leaves (karapincha) and smash it well and keep the juice at one side. Then wash the rice and keep it in the cooker for cooking by adding water, garlic, onion and ginger. Once the rice is cooked well, add that Kohila juice and salt. And stir it well and keep it in the cooker for another few minutes. Then you can serve this hot kola kanda to your family or you can drink it.

Not only for hot tempered guys, but this kola kanda is good for patients who have blood sugar also. However, it is not difficult recipe to make. So, just try to prepare this and make yourself or make your family happy.

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