Milk Rice (Kiri Bath)


This dish (cuisines) is a staple and popular cuisine in Sri Lanka. With the strong tradition and from generation to generation, it is believed that making Milk Rice (Kiri Bath) gives the prosperity. Therefore, in Sri Lanka, whenever people have especial events, golden moments and festivals, Sri Lankan are used to make this (Kiri Bath – One of popular cuisines). It has become a truly authentic Sri Lankan dish. 

Made with rice (rice called “kekulu”) mixed with coconut milk, it produces an appealing and milky flavor that must be tasted to be believed.


02 Cups Rice

1½ – 2 Cups thick Coconut Milk

4 – 4½ Cups Water 


Milk Rice – How to Make

After having all ingredients, firstly, you have to wash the rice, put water and salt and steam that in medium heat (remember to cover the saucepan while cooking and until the water is absorbed to rice and rice gets soft). After that, stir it by mixing coconut milk (if you need more salt, add little salt to coconut milk also) under low heat. Keep cooking till the coconut milk is absorbed and the rice is very soft and creamy. Then, check the taste of salt and off the heat and let Milk Rice (Kiri Bath) cool for 05 minutes. 

Finally, put this mixer wide shallow dish and flatten down with flat spoon or with a piece of oil paper. Then draw lines on surface (top) to the shape of diamond or square and let it cool about 10 minutes. After that, cut Milk Rice (Kiri Bath– One of popular cuisines) into pieces and you can serve or taste it with “Seeni Sambol”, “Lunu Miris”, “Katta Sambol”, “Fish curry”, “Meat curry”, Banana or with sugar. Find the easiest recipe (Kiri Bath) which is made with kakulu haal mixed with coconut milk, it produces an appealing and milky flavor.

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