Top attractions closer to Mirigama city, Sri Lanka


Mirigama city is an unpopular destination for travellers who visit Sri Lanka. Actually, it is not a tourist site. But there are few attractions closer to Mirigama city. Attractions in this kind of city are always missed by travellers. So, let’s discover what to see and how to get there. 


How to get there, and what about accommodations?

Mirigama is located in the western province of Sri Lanka. It is one of the most dynamic cities in the Gampaha district. The distance between Gampaha and Mirigama is around 28km. It will take only one hour if you are willing to visit directly from Bandaranaike Airport. Getting from the capital Colombo to Mirigama will take a 1h and 20 min ride. You can pick up a taxi, bus or train to reach Mirigama from any compact city. But there is no train service operating from the airport to anywhere.

When considering accommodation facilities, there are many options to select from. You can book a villa, guest house, or star-grade hotel by visiting an online booking site or contacting a local travel agency. Because of remoteness from the capital Colombo, accommodation prices in Mirigama are slightly lower than in other cities.

Places to visit in Mirigama city, Sri Lanka

Top attractions closer to the city are, Koskale forest reserve, Kinithulagala Aranya Senasanaya and Botale walawwa. Koskale forest reserve is only 6km away from the city centre. It takes 15 minutes to get there. It can be mentioned as an exciting place to feel the nature of Sri Lanka closer to an urban area.

Another place to visit is Kinithulagala Aranya Senasanaya. It is an ancient Buddhist temple located 7.8km away from the city. Then, you can visit Bottle Walawwa, which is 7.5km away from the city. It is an Archaeological site in Sri Lanka, built in 1865. However, sometimes it may need special permission to enter the building.

Mirigama Map – Here

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