Sri Lanka launched their first ever electric car, ‘Moksha.’


Sri Lanka is suffering from a fuel crisis that occurred through the dollar crisis. So, the ideal motors company introduced a perfect solution for both the fuel and dollar crisis of Sri Lanka. So, let’s see more about that solution named ‘Moksha.’ and its features as an electric car.

What are the features of Moksha?

This four-wheel electric vehicle has a 22.46 kWh lithium battery that offers up to 200 km of range on a single charge when plugged into a 15-amp domestic charger overnight. The total weight of the vehicle is only 870 km. Actually, it is a lightweight vehicle.

The car’s interior is comfy, with space for the driver and three passengers to sit comfortably. The vehicle is available in exterior two-tone colours that match. The customer can use the 7-inch multimedia touchscreen display with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility to access information, their favourite music, and maps. Push start, alloy wheels, and full air conditioning are all included in the vehicle.

Additionally, Ideal Moksha provides its customers with total peace of mind by including a 2-year warranty on the electric motor as a standard benefit. The battery has a five-year warranty that begins on the day of purchase. Our extensive aftermarket network on the island will guarantee an unrivalled level of service.

Moksha – This electric car for whom?

The car is perfect for every household in the nation, especially for the 1.5 million three-wheelers and 4.5 million two-wheelers all over the island. It drives holistic change by providing drivers with a practical way to upgrade to a safer and smarter car. The fully automatic car provides 100 percent torque right out of the gate with no gear changes, making learning to drive easier and providing a more enjoyable experience.

The Moksha is the ideal vehicle for everyone and anyone. From the corporate executive looking to conserve to the two-wheeler owner looking to upgrade. With these innovations, it is poised to change the nature of commuting and travel in the country. 

The 5.5 million households that use between 100 and 200 KW of electricity each month are the target audience for this package. The package includes the installation of up to 4 KW of rooftop solar energy. This will allow the average household to entirely forgo paying electricity bills and meet all of its daily energy needs. If you love to ride a bicycle instead of a car, before you buy a bicycle, read this.

Moksha in Daily Mirror – Here

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