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How to choose a good mountain bicycle in Sri Lanka

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Sri Lankans use many types of bicycles. Mountain bikes are one of the most famous bicycle categories among them. Young men mostly use mountain bikes. So, it is the same in Sri Lanka too. It is the travel partner of most young boys all over the country. However, it is used for many other locations as well. So, It’s good to have a brief idea about purchasing a good mountain bicycle in Sri Lanka. 

What are the features of a mountain bike?

Mountain bikes differ from other bicycles in that they have unique features. It powers a comfortable ride with the combination of these features. So, if you have a clear idea about the characteristics of a mountain bike, you can choose the most suitable mountain bicycle in Sri Lanka like a pro. 

Shock absorbers in the front and back wheels of the fork work together to provide the necessary suspension of a mountain bike. Even when the bike constantly goes up and down, they offer a comfortable ride. This absorption ensures speed while avoiding every obstacle on the tire.

Depending on the type of ride you take, brakes differ. Having a solid brake can be essential in certain situations because it will enable you to stop quickly. The most recent mountain bikes utilize disc brakes, which provide significantly better-stopping power than rim brakes.  Riders will therefore require less lever pressure, which will increase braking modulation. They can continue to be dryer and cleaner because they are in the center of the wheel.

Who needs a mountain bicycle in Sri Lanka?

As mentioned above, mountain bikes are top-rated among young men all over the island. However, it is an excellent option for anyone who wants a comfortable ride over mountains, rough country roads, and even in busy city areas. So, you can search for many brands of mountain bicycles in Sri Lanka by visiting online stores like Don’t forget to purchase a bike from somewhere like, which offers the best value for the cost. 

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