Top attractions in Nittambuwa, Sri Lanka


Sri Lanka is a paradise for travel lovers. Even unpopular classic cities also have unique values to see. Nittambuwa is one example of that. It’s good to know about the location, how to get there and the top attractions. Let’s have a tour there.

Location – How to get to Nittambuwa

Nittambuwa is located in the Gampaha district, Sri Lanka. It’s only 27km away from Katunayake, Bandaranaike International Airport. So, it takes approximately 45 to 50 minutes to reach the city. And it’s only 47km away from the capital Colombo which takes 1 hour to get there. You can take a local taxi service or bus to reach Nittambuwa. If you pick a bus to get there, your final destination is Nittambuwa Bus station. And then you can take a taxi to travel around.

What are the travel destinations near Nittambuwa city?

It’s easy to identify three top attractions close to city. Those are Horagolla National Park, Udammita Ambalama, and Algama Ella.Horagolla National park is the most intimate travel destination from the city center. It’s only 2.8 km away. 

Horagolla is one of Sri Lanka’s newest national parks. Its name derives from the abundance of Dipterocarpus zeylanicus trees found throughout the area. Horagolla is the only urban park located in the Western province of Sri Lanka. So, It is a fantastic opportunity to have a national park experience closer to the urban Colombo region. 

Udammita Ambalama is another attraction closer to the city. It is a historic brick-and-mortar rest stop constructed in 1829. It is easy to get there from the Veyangoda road. It’s only 4.2 km away from Nittambuwa. That sizable structure, about the size of a small house with two rooms, shows the ancient building architect of Sri Lanka. A half-height wall surrounds the open space of the Ambalama. 

Finally, if you wish to visit there, don’t forget to see Algama Ella, which is located 14 km away from the city. It is one of few urban waterfalls that can be seen in Sri Lanka.

Map of Nittambuwa – Here

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