Places to visit near the city of Ragama, Sri Lanka


Ragama is well-known as a city where Sri Lankan Catholics live. The majority of the city population is Catholic. So, the entire city also expresses the catholic culture. Ragama is one of the best cities in Sri Lanka to visit during the xmas season. You can enjoy many local xmas decorations and celebrations there.

How to get there, and what about accommodations?

Ragama is a city located in the Gampaha district. But, there is the same 16km distance from Colombo and Gampaha. It takes only 35 – 40 min to get from Colombo or Gampaha. You can take a local taxi, three-wheeler, bus, or train from Colombo or Gampaha. If you wish to get directly from Bandaranaike Airport, it will take only 45 minutes through the expressway. 

Are you looking for cheap accommodations closer to Colombo? Ragama would be one of the best options for finding an affordable place to stay. You have many options, such as guest houses, villas, and hotels.

Places to visit in Ragama

The best place to visit in Ragama is The Basilica of Our Lady of Lanka. Due to its location in a somewhat remote Colombo suburb, it falls under the jurisdiction of the Colombo Roman Catholic Archdiocese. It is a place of pilgrimage for Sri Lankan Catholics and very popular destination. Ragama Basilica is only 3km away from the city. It takes only 10 minutes to get there. So, don’t forget to visit it. 

The railway station also has value as a travel destination. It is one of the oldest railway station in the country. It’s easy to get there by foot within a few minutes from the city center. If you wish for a sunny beach experience, it’s easy to access Uswetikeiyawa and Bopitiya beaches from Ragama. It will take only 25 to 3o minutes.

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