Seethawaka Botanical Garden


Majority of you know that Botanical gardens are tracts of land set aside for the cultivation of a diversity of plant species, grown not as cash crops. Although botanical gardens may have commercial purposes, but rather for study and pleasure also. In Sri Lanka, you can find several beautiful botanical gardens. Seethawaka Botanical Garden is one of them and it is one of newly opened gardens in Sri Lanka. And visitors can find this Seethawaka Botanical Garden in Illukovita viallage, close to Avissawella. 

If the travellers are coming from Colombo, then they will find the Puwakpitiya station at their left hand side. Then they should turn right from the next junction, take the “Puwakpitiya-Thummodara” road and travel nearly 3 km. Once the traveller drove 3km, he/she can find the garden by her/his right hand side.

Seethawaka Botanical Garden – More

Generally this garden is open all the days throughout the year from 8.00am to 5.00pm. And their contact number is 036-379-5295. All visitors must get the tickets to enter at their main entrance. There is an ample parking and hygiene facilities provided at the entrance. And this garden is spread on the land area of 106 acres. When saying Botanical Garden, you may imagine it with full of flowers. But actually this Seethawaka Botanical Garden doesn’t have much flowers yet, but is full of trees. The purpose behind the launch of this garden is to establish a center to conserve the highly threatened wet lowland forest flora for future generations.

And it is established in 2008 and it is still going under some constructions. But if you want to go away from bustling city, this is an ideal place to have a rest. If you will visit this, you can find many rare trees and plants which are belong to the wet zone of this island. You can either walk all around this garden or hire a small vehicle (from the garden) to discover the surrounding. But if you want to hire a vehicle, you need to pay a fee at the entrance. And there is an attractive lake inside this Seethawaka Botanical Garden. But it is not naturally made one, but the natural water flow from the nearby hills. If you want to have a swan boat ride there, you have to buy tickets from the entrance. 

At the summit of this botanical garden, you can have a breath-taking views of surrounding area. And the direction to this summit is nicely paved. And you can observe and identify the majority of trees with its names, because most of the trees and pants are marked with a name tag.  And at the summit, you can see a nicely maintained small garden of roses. But actually this botanical garden needs some time to develop and grow in order to show their breath-taking views more. However, Seethawaka Botanical Garden is one of best botanical gardens for the people who wish to go away from bustling towns and have a relaxation in mid of nature.

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