Sinhala Hodiya


When your child is growing, one of your main desires is to teach your kid well, or is to give good education, isn’t it? So, teaching the letters is the basic stage of it. It is said that most kids begin to recognize some letters between the ages of 2 and 3. But most letters can be identified during the ages of 4 and 5. However, as parents you can start teaching your kid the alphabet when he/she is around 2 years. Or you can start teach Sinhala Hodiya when your kid is around 2 years, but don’t expect full mastery for some time. 

We know in the past, our ancestors used attractive things to teach letters of Sinhala Hodiya. But the problem is now; our parents don’t have much time to do some creative things in order to teach Sinhala Hodiya.

Sinhala Hodiya – More

Actually, using visual aids like “colourful picture books” is more effective thing to teach the Sinhala Hodiya. But with the busy lifestyles, sometimes, you have to find any other alternative. With the technology improvement, now you can find our Sinhala Hodiya in the internet also. Now we’re going to tell you about a video which was made by using suitable words and picture for reflecting our Sinhala Hodiya. Actually this is an attractive video which is run for 2.30 minutes and you can find this in You Tube. You can download this to your mobile, tablet or laptop, you can teach your kid. 

And, if you have busy schedules and if you want to teach your kids even you are out of home, then you can get a Sinhala Hodiya Mobile app from Android Market. For this mobile app, you have to pay 2.64 USD and buy. But it’s not an expensive thing. It’s a worth payment. You can find this Android app from below link.

However, when you’ll find a time for teaching your kid, your kid will have a great time pointing out the letters that he/she knows as well as colors, shapes, animals, and other objects in these videos. 

Basic Steps to Teach Sinhala Hodiya

-Getting your kid interested in listening to stories (especially at the age around 2-3)

– Signing his/her name to his/her artwork; By that, you can point out each letter one by one. Eventually he/she will get the idea that those letters, put together, stand for his/her name.

– Helping your kid to play with alphabet puzzles or refrigerator magnets that he/she can manipulate.

By doing these kind of small activities, you can teach Sinhala Hodiya to your kid step by step. But don’t be disappointed if your kid will unable learn everything quickly. Give the time for your kid. And find more words for each letter.

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