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Who wants to laugh and stay in stress free? I guess all of you want. Because all of us spending the busy life schedules throughout the day. So we like to read some funny Jokes? As Sri Lankans, we love to have some Sinhala jokes. When talking about Sinhala jokes, we can see that jokes can work on our lives in positively as well as negatively. But we should keep in mind that we should take jokes in positive way. 

Before talking about more things in Sinhala jokes, did you aware about the meaning of a joke? Generally a joke is a statement that display of humour in which words are used within a specific and well-defined storyline structure to make people laugh. Today we can find plenty of jokes from the books, newspapers and the internet. And most of you are reading these jokes for the solitary entertainment. And some are reading and telling jokes in order to entertain others. Even though there are many jokes in the internet, still there is less amount of Sinhala jokes that we can find in the internet. However, these Sinhala jokes also, we can categorize into several categories. Some of them are; School Jokes, Love Jokes, Stupid Jokes, Kids Jokes, Naughty Jokes, Funny Insults, Old Age Jokes, Funny Jokes and Funny Stories.

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There are many benefits that you are gaining when you are reading and listening to jokes.

  1. It helps to low your blood pressure and reduce the risk of strokes. Because laughing is the best medicine for that.
  2. Exposing to jokes can help to reduce the stress hormone levels. Due to the hormone-level reduction cuts the anxiety, it helps for that. 
  3. And jokes can improve your cardiac health. Because the laughter is a great cardio workout thing. Do you know an amazing that the laughing gets your heart pumping and burns a similar amount of calories per hour as walking at a slow to moderate pace?
  4. It is producing a general sense of well-being. Researchers found that the people who have a positive viewpoint on life tend to fight diseases better than people who tend to be more negative. 

Wow… how healthy you can stay if you are laughing….! So start to read and listen to good Sinhala jokes, laugh and live longer. Here, find the interesting and funny Sinhala jokes that bring on serious laughs definitely. 

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