Sri Lankan Fashion – How to Dress a Saree


Every day, there are many fashion designs are coming. Even though various fashion designs are adding to Sri Lankan fashion, Saree fashion is remaining same as earlier. Even young ladies also love to wear saress. But some of our young girls don’t know how to wear the saree properly. As “Saree” is one of our key Sri Lankan Fashion, we thought to guide you how to wear the saree properly. Actually, saree is not only belong to Sri Lankan fashion, but it does a big impact to Sri Lankan fashion.

Before starting to wear, prepare your all required material: a saree blouse, an inner skirt, the saree, elegant shoes, jewellery, decorative hair accessories (if you need), bobby pins and safety pins.

Sri Lankan FashionSteps of Wearing a Saree

  1. Wear the saree blouse and inner skirt first. Make sure your blouse fits you perfectly and the inner skirt should match with the saree fabric. (You can design your own saree blouse. It can be sleeveless, short sleeves or long sleeves.) The inner skirt needs to be tied very tightly using a drawstring. Otherwise, it would mess the pleats.
  2. Wear your shoes before starting to wear the saree. Because the height of your heels is important for determining where the bottom of the saree should reach. (And elegant shoes add additional look to your saree and yourself)
  1. Thereafter, hold/tuck  the saree, so the fall is facing towards you
  2. Hold the saree upper corner at your right side of inner skirt by safety pins and wrap it around your waist once. (Make sure that decorated side should be on the outside.)
  1. Wrap it around again, but don’t tuck it in. (Pull the decorated side until it is as long as your outstretched arm when your arm is by your side. Tuck it over your shoulder.)
  2. Tighten the cloth and tuck it in 3 to 4 inches to the left of your belly button.
  3. Pleat it. (Stretch your left hand and hold the cloth with your thumb and pinkie fingers. Wind the cloth with your right hand through the thumb and pinkie holding with alternating fingers. You should end with 5-6 pleats, but you can have more if your hands are small.)
  1. Tuck in your pleats. Pin the pleats together so that they stay in place the whole day. (Normally, 20 cm below the waist is a good basis.)
  2. Dress the remaining fabric around yourself from left to right, and over your shoulder
  1. Secure the end portion on your shoulder with safety pins whether it pleats or unfold the pleats. (If you like, you can adjust the pleats until they are even and raise the pleated decorated part, bring it under your right arm and place it over your left shoulder. Or you can even unfold the pleats and drape that part over the shoulder to fall elegantly over your arm. Under Sri Lankan Fashion, both ways are popular.)
  2. Do your finishing touches by accessories and make up which are match with your saree, skin and your personality and Sri Lankan Fashion.

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