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Sri Lankan Hoppers


To majority of you, breakfast is typically the most conventional meal of the day, don’t you? Generally, first thing in the morning most of us are get set in our ways, while at other times we may be open to experimentation. Therefore, breakfast is playing major role from our all meals. Sri Lankan Hoppers is one of popular Cuisine and most of time, people are including it for breakfast. Do you like pancakes? You might try pancakes with thin crêpes, topped with sugar and lemon; or perhaps an American stack, thick and fluffy and groaning with maple syrup. But have you ever tried these food?

They are delicious and it is the slight sourness and combination of textures: the crisp outside, tapering down to a spongy centre, perfect for soaking up the Karis. As I mentioned above, most of time, Sri Lankans are having hoppers at breakfast time. But sometimes they love to have it as dinner also. If you will roam in here at night times, you can see that many Sri Lankan Hoppers shops are there.

Sri Lankan Hoppers

Sri Lankan Hoppers are a range of dishes based on a fermented batter. And Sri Lankans usually make it with rice flour and coconut milk and spices. When you try to cook it, keep in mind that you should pan-fry or steam the dish. Most of time, the fermenting agent is palm toddy or yeast. There are several flavours you can find under this food item. They are egg hoppers, milk hoppers, sweet hoppers and string hoppers.

So, if you want to have savory flavour or if you want sweet flavour, then it doen’t matter. It have both flavours. But “Lunu Miris” is the best thing that you should add to eat the savory appa, if you want to experience the real Sri Lankan Cuisine taste. Therefore, find the below recipes for Sri Lankan Hoppers that you can easily make them at home. Free Download – Egg Hoppers, Milk Hoppers & String Hoppers.

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