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String Hoppers (Idi Aappa)


Have you ever tasted the String Hoppers? In Sri Lanka, it is called Idi Aappa also. And it is one of popular breakfast dish in Sri Lanka. But you can choose it for a dinner also, if you want a light dinner. You can serve this signature dish with coconut gravy (Kiri Hodi) or with Pol Sambol or with any curry. For making string hoppers, you can buy the readymade string hopper flour. Or you can make it with wheat flour. 

But if you will use wheat flour, you should steam the four first before to make string hoppers. Actually the wheat flour string hopper is softer than the readymade string hopper flour. Now let’s see how this delicious dish can make…


Steamed Wheat Flour or Readymade String Hopper Flour


Boiled Water

String Hopper Mold

String Hopper Wattie 

How to Make String Hoppers;

Take a bowl and put 02 cups of flour. And then add 01 teaspoon of salt and mix it well. After that you should add 04 cups of boiled water gradually, until you can form a dough that doesn’t stick to the bowl. Here you should keep in mind that the right consistency of the dough is very important – light, fluffy and dry to the touch. If you will unable to get the right consistency of dough, then you can’t squeeze the fine strings by the string hopper mold. 

Once you get the right mixture, then fill the mold with that dough. And squeeze the fine strings on to the String Hopper Wattie. You should squeeze them to form the lacy circles. Then stack those wattie on top of each other and steam until it gets done. Now you can serve this string hoppers with Pol Sambol or Kiri Hodi, Fish Curry, Dhal Curry or Meat Curry. 

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