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Waterfalls Sri Lanka


Starting from hill landscapes of the country, there are many beautiful waterfalls Sri Lanka are rushing down rocky precipices forming a number of roaring falls in various shapes and heights in the country. Especially Central Province, Uva Province and Sabaragamuwa Province are blessed with this nature creation and it enriches the beauty of country. And it is one of best retreatments to get away from the bustling cities and lifestyles.

There are more than hundred beautiful waterfalls Sri Lanka and travelers can experience the unique scenic views of its. Bambarakanda Ella, Bopath Ella, Devon Waterfall, Diyaluma Waterfall, Dunhinda Waterfall, and Baker’s Waterfall are some of famous and spectacular creations among them. Therefore, get the chance to embark on a journey in this island to discover these amazing waterfalls Sri Lanka and capture unforgettable views of and its bio diversity. 

Waterfalls Sri Lanka – More

Sri Lanka, the paradise islet has been drawing the good and the great to its pristine beaches for decades. But the water scape rejects to finish at its beaches and Sri Lanka can proudly claim that it has one of the highest waterfall densities in the world. And all these waterfalls are empowered by its rich rivers and streams network.  All these water springs’ journeys are going to the Indian Ocean, but they rise amidst the elevated splendor of the peaks of the Central Province, Sabaragamuwa Province and Uva Province (or hill country of the island) of Sri Lanka.

Among all other nature creations, Waterfalls Sri Lanka which are flowing to sea through the mesmerizing beauty and grandeur of the hill country; along the way, cutting across tropical evergreen forests, across plains of infinite tea plantations, reach the very edge of the rock face and gush over, is one of best nature attractions that ever discover! So it’s time to explore and discover these dramatic, stunning, hypnotic and precious waterfalls Sri Lanka.

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