Places to visit as a traveler in Yakkala, Sri Lanka.


Yakkala is an unpopular travel destination among travelers who visit Sri Lanka. However, there are many fabulous attractions closer to Yakkala city as well. Let’s continue to have a brief idea.


Where is Yakkala city located?

Yakkala is a sub-city located in the Gampaha district of Sri Lanka. It’s easy to get from Bandaranaike Airport to Yakkala within 45 to 50 minutes. There is only a 26 km distance between the two destinations. Yakkala is closer to Colombo as well. You can pass the 36 km distance between two cities within 45 minutes if you get the expressway from Colombo to Kadawatha.

Top places to visit in Yakkala

As an urban area, there are not many travel destinations in Yakkala. But, there are few. Maligatenna Raja Maha Viharaya, Holy cross church ( Roch Church), Pilikuttuwa Cave temple, and its trekking experience are the main attractions closer to the city.

Pilikuththuwa Cave temple is an ancient Buddhist temple situated 3.4 km away from the city This cave temple has been designated as a Sri Lankan archaeological site. It is one of Sri Lanka’s Buddhist temples with the greatest concentration of drip-ledged rock caves. The total area of this temple is said to be 200 acres, and it is said to contain 99 rock caves with drip ledges. Along that, anyone visiting there can also have a fantastic eco trekking experience. 

There is another cave temple named Maligatenna Raja Maha Viharaya. It is only 15 minutes away from the city. It is a famous Buddhist cave temple among locals. Maligathenna temple is an excellent place for someone interested in Sri Lankan ancient Buddhist culture.  

Holy Cross Church is another attraction near the city It is only 4.7 km away from the city. It is a Roman Catholic church. Due to the sedimentary rock facing the outside of the church, it is known as the “Rock Church.” Sri Lankan Locals named it ‘Gal Palliya’ (Rock Church). So, don’t forget to visit that great church.

Map of Yakkala – Here

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